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Of Trade Shows and Fuzzy Kittens

Tomorrow we’re leaving Eric for the first time to go to a trade show in London.  I’ll head down on the train in the morning with David, and meet (David’s) Auntie Hester and Cousin Wilfred at the station (Joe’s sister and her son).  We’ll go to the show, hopefully find some stockists and persuade some people that they like what we do, and get hold of some cool things for the babies.

You know what the fun part is?  Instead of taking the pushchair, I get to do extensive sling testing.  We’re heading back in Hester’s car, as she’s coming up here to see her parents.  I can’t manage the pushchair, the car seat, the half-ton of stuff we need to take, and David, so the pushchair’s being left behind.  Meep.  I’ve not quite decided which sling(s) to take: the Baby Bjorn is a definite, as it has decent back support.  I want to show off the Wilkinet, and it’s the most comfortable carrier I own; trouble is, it’s a pain to get a wriggly baby into and to tie and I haven’t worn it enough to rely on it for a whole day yet.  The other possiblity is the BabaSling, which I’ve been pretty impressed with for a pouch sling.  It’s comfortable for short distances and good for feeding, but David weighs nearly 20lbs now, and carrying him for a whole day is back-breaking: I hope I’ve made the right decision.  (I will update tomorrow, and there will be reviews of the ones we choose to sell on the EcoBabba website.)

I’ve packed my rucksack so I can manage Stuff and David, and I feel like it’s my first day at secondary school again.  Not only do I have the huge backpack filled with stuff I’ll probably never need, I guarantee I’ll be the only one without a designer bag!   Oh well, that’s geekdom for you.

Joe’s been left with Eric-care instructions: he’s to come back at lunchtime and feed him, cuddle him, and make sure Snowball and Wily don’t eat him.  I’m more nervous about leaving him than I was about leaving David with Joe’s mum, perhaps because it’s going to be for a whole day.  But how could you bear to leave this adorable thing on his own?  (In my defence, Joe will be home every few hours, I’m in every other day, and Eric will have plenty of toys and lots of food and water.  Please don’t call the RSPCA!)

In other news, Snowball and Wily are sulky but adjusting:

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