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The Terrible, Deadly Bedroom Makeover, Part 1

There’s a photo update coming this evening, I PROMISE.

In the meantime, we’ve been doing the bedroom up to give us more space.  One IKEA Tromso loft bed, one IKEA Expedit shelving unit, a few other bits, and we’re on the way to doubling the space we’ve got.  It’s a way of getting David ready to move into his own room, and a way of giving the cats a little more room.  The loft bed works really well, because the ceilings are so high here: I can comfortably stand next to David’s cot, and I can comfortably sit up in bed.

We’ve still got some more to do: there’s crap to clear out, pictures to put up, David’s new night light to attach to the wall, things to reorganise, and as soon as that’s all done I’m taking the hoover and the steam cleaner to it.  There’s going to be a rug and a cat tree where the massive pile of Stuff is, and we’re going to get rid of all the things we don’t need any more.  (I LOVE Freecycle.)

Some pictures: (and yes, that is a pissed off baby in his cot: see end for explanation!)

This is Wily, the first time he discovered how to get up the ladder, but not how to get down again.  He now adores the bed and spends most of his sleeping time there.

There will be more pictures and an update on everyone else if I ever have time to do it later.

Just going now to sort out a pissed-off baby and a pissed-off Eric: Eric had his injections today and the car trip hasn’t agreed with either of them.  We’re trying to Cry It Out again this week, after his Nana picked him up every time we put him down for a nap on Sunday: thanks a lot, Mum.

Bed, duvet cover, mirror, bookcase, lamp, wall lights, cot bumper, mobile, under-cot storage and all the drawers are from IKEA.  Spotty blanket hanging on the bed is Green Baby, and purple blanket is Babysoy from Bambino Land.  Cot used to belong to me when I was a baby, from Mothercare.  Ginger kitten is from the RSPCA.  Let me know if there’s anything you like that I’ve missed!

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Meet the family.

This is me:

Katherine and DavidI am Katherine.  I am a designer, a musician, a writer.  I’m a mother.  I’m owned by four cats and I’d be owned by more if I had the opportunity.  I like to dance (badly, to 90s pop music), sing (as long as noone’s listening), and write (as long as nobody reads it.)  I love to draw, and I love to cook.  I suffer from depression and what is probably Asperger’s Syndrome, although the latter has never been officially diagnosed.  I’m a grammar nazi and have been for as long as I remember.  I’m extremely stubborn and enjoy a good argument with some, whilst being extremely (too) nice to others!  I take photos using a Sony Cybershot DSC-W55, a Sony Cybershot C905 cameraphone, and an iPhone.  I’m about to take photos with a Canon EOS450D.  I drive a 2001 Fiat Seicento Sporting (Schumacher Edition), which is bright yellow.  I have an impressive knowledge of small Fiats, and can identify different editions of cars from a mile away.  

This is my son:


He is David.  He’s five months old, and huge.  He was born on the 23rd December 2008, weighing 9lb 3.5oz.  He wasn’t entirely planned, and we weren’t entirely prepared for him, but there isn’t a day now when I don’t thank whoever’s up there that he’s here and that he’s healthy.  He likes to eat his feet, and torment the cats, and listen to his daddy making fart noises.  He’s the happiest, smiliest baby on the planet, and a fantastic sleeper (he woke once in the night until twelve weeks, and then slept through after that).  He blows raspberries and giggles at farts and burps, and I can’t believe he’s growing up so quickly.  

This is my other half:

Joe and SnozzballHe is Joe.  He makes me laugh and cry in equal measures.  He is an IT consultant, a geek, and an engineer.  He likes English ales, practical hardware, and tummysnuggling the cats.  He laughs at the things “you designers” do.  He’s a fan of old Mercedes, and he part-owns a 1967 Triumph Herald with his brother and sisters.  He’s one of the most patient men on the planet, and he’s a real hands-on dad.  He was changing nappies from Day One!  He enjoys his curries and hot and spicy food, and trips to the local pub.



Snozzball and WilyCatThese are Snowball and Wily.  Snowball is the smaller one, and is the annoying little sister in every respect.  Wily is huge, and likes nothing more than mine or Joe’s lap.  Both of them dislike strangers and view David with disdain, but are the soppiest creatures on the planet.  They’re brother and sister, and coming up for three years old.  Snowball is an excellent mouse-catcher, and brings us presents at every opportunity.  Wily is more of a bird sort of cat.  


Eric the Half-a-beeThis is (a terrible photo of) Eric.  He’s coming to join our family next week, as soon as he’s ready to leave the rescue centre.  He’s nine weeks old, growing rapidly, and the friendliest little kitten you could possibly hope to meet.  I fell head over heels in love with him within about five minutes of meeting him.  (We knew it would happen!)  As we’d lost our JennyCat a few weeks before, we decided that the time was right to adopt him.  He’s had a bout of cat flu, and is recovering from that, but as soon as he’s ready to come home he’ll be welcomed with open arms.



CharliePussThis is Charlie.  He’s been my cat since I was a child, and he lives with my parents.  He’s coming up for seventeen now, and just starting to show his age.  He still has a kitten side, though!  His sister Jenny passed away recently, and Mum and Dad are preparing him to meet a potential new friend.  He’s patient with David and adores Joe, and if we had room for one more cat in our flat…




So, now you’ve met us.  Welcome to our world, I hope you enjoy reading!

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Oh dear Lord, I seem to be at it again.

I have absolutely no idea why I’m starting this up again.  There’s no time for it!  But yet, I need somewhere to rant and somewhere to be creative and somewhere to post cute pictures of my son.  Mostly somewhere to rant.

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