I’m Katherine.  I’m a photographer, a designer, a writer, an eco-nutter, a cook, a girlfriend, and a mum.  I take pictures using a Canon EOS 450D and edit using Aperture.  I drive a 2001 Fiat Seicento Schumacher in Broom Yellow, and I’m a member of this club.  (I’m also forced, on occasion, to drive a 2002 Vauxhall Astra.  It’s horrible.)

I’m a cat-servant and certified Crazy Cat Woman.  We have three: Snowball, Wily and Eric, then there’s Charlie who lives with my parents.  They are all rottenly spoiled little brats, and  I’d have more if I was allowed!




I’m a proud work-at-home mum with my own company.  I believe there should be more legislative support and practical help for small businesses.  I support the fight for better parental rights in the workplace, and I believe fathers should have equal rights with mothers.  I believe that the motorist has been unfairly penalised by successive governments, and I oppose speed cameras, road-charging, congestion-charging, and the ridiculous amount of tax we pay on fuel.  I believe we all need to try to reduce the impact we have on the environment and prevent the acceleration of climate change.

Joe and I have been together since January 2008, and we have a son, David, who was born in December 2008.  (Yep, that was a surprise!).  Joe is patient enough to put up with The Mental (as he calls it), and we are getting married at some point in 2010, as soon as people stop asking about it.

David was born on 23rd December 2008, after a 7.5hour labour, weighing 9lb 3.5oz.  He is the happiest baby who ever lived, except when you try to make him eat pears.  Or any kind of fruit or vegetable.  He wears cloth nappies or eco-disposables, had expressed breastmilk until six months but now drinks formula and goats’ milk, does baby-led weaning (because we’re lazy and couldn’t be bothered to puree things!), and still travels around in a sling.  He is curious, loves things with buttons, and is into everything.  He loves his baths, and fart jokes.  (When do they grow out of those, again?).  I may come across as a slightly-obsessed mummy-type, and I assure you, it’s mostly true.

So… enjoy reading, and looking at pictures!  If you’ve enjoyed reading the blog, or want permission to use a picture, send me an email at katherine at eric likes mango dot com.


Visit my Daily Photo blog.  It’s updated at 20.00GMT every day.

Visit Eric Likes Mango, Katherine’s photography company.

Visit EBS Computers for Joe’s IT support and maintenance business.


The writing and the pictures on this site are mine, so please don’t borrow them without asking.  If you want to use anything, please email me or leave me a comment: it really doesn’t take much effort and I promise I don’t bite!

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