Blog Find of 2009

I’m participating in the Best Of 2009 Blog Challenge.  Every day this month, I write something different about what’s happened this year.  Today, it’s the Blog Find of 2009: “…that gem of a blog you can’t believe you didn’t know about until this year.”: also, the post that it’s impossible to write without feeling a little bit stalkerish.

Despite the lack of time to read books, I’ve had plenty of time to read blogs this year.  It’s probably because I spend most of my work-time on the computer, and Aperture takes so long to even think about doing anything that I have aeons of time to do what I want to on the Internet.  (Note to Apple: the Mac Mini might not be top-end, but it’s not bad spec, so WHY can I only run Aperture, Safari and iChat at the same time?  If I add anything else I get stuck with spinning beachballs…)

This brings me to my blog find of the year: Tales from the Dad Side.  It’s wonderful to hear a different perspective on parenting: as a mother who spends most of her time at home, it’s very easy to forget how hard it is for Joe to walk out of the door in the morning and leave David.  SciFiDad’s son Buddy is a few months older than David, so it’s interesting to see the challenges we’ll likely be dealing with in a few months.  His daughter Munchkin is four, and VERY like I was as a child; also, again, it’s interesting to get a glimpse of what life with a four-year-old might be like.  (David is NEVER going to be four.  He’s not even going to be one in a few weeks.  La, la, la, I can’t hear you…)

Tales from the Dad Side is very well thought-out, very well-written.  This challenge has made it a lot easier for me to come up with material every day, but to do it all the time without prompts, and never be boring?  That takes talent, which SciFi Dad has in oodles.  So don’t hang out here any longer, go!  Go and read!

In other news, the Daily Photo is up here, as usual, and it’s of a little ginger kitten-cat.  (Neither “kitten” nor “cat” suit him in this phase of his development, much like neither “baby” nor “toddler” fit David quite right.)



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2 responses to “Blog Find of 2009

  1. Mahal

    Catten or catkin is the term I like for the felines at that age. (My two are both cattens at present.)

  2. I like catten, it suits him. Can’t believe that he and David aren’t babies any more, though…

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