Working Late, CSS, and photos

Posting is going to be light here over the next few days.

Why’s that?  Well, I’m working on six different clients’ photos and a major project.  I’m in the middle of writing an article about post-natal depression and how it affected our family.  There is cooking, cleaning, and shopping to be done, and the Boy to be looking after.  I have approximately three hours’ work time on a good day now that our childminder is on maternity leave.  Lack of childminder + metric shedloads of work = working at 2.30am, also taking pretty pictures at 1.37am.

I’ll admit now that I have very little web design experience.  Design, yes.  I can design you a website, and take you some pretty pictures to go on it.  I can tell you which colours and fonts and graphics to put where in order to make it look nice.  The one, rather crucial thing that I can’t do is build it, or make it function.  I have never build a website in my life without the help of iWeb.

Until today, this hasn’t been a problem.  I’ve been perfectly fine bumbling along, creating websites in iWeb (and ten years ago, Microsoft Word…).  I can do simple things like change colours and fonts on a CSS stylesheet.  Today, however, I had a template.  The columns were 70ish pixels narrower than the pictures that needed to fit in them.  Resizing the pictures was not an option.  Every time I changed the width of the column, it broke the rest of the design.  I have been working on this for seven and a half hours, and I still am not capable of making it work.

So, I gave up, and stuck to what I can actually do.  Here are some pretty pictures.

I’m fairly sure that even the Cadbury Duck knows more CSS than I do.

Next time I have a lot of work, remind me to buy the Diet Coke in bulk.  Well, more than usual.  (I would not be functioning right now if it wasn’t for this stuff.)

I would also not be functioning if it weren’t for my snuggly little kitten, although, Eric, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t crash Aperture next time.

It’s now 3.05am.  I’m heading for bed, with a DO NOT DISTURB sign pinned to my chest for Joe’s benefit in the morning.  If anyone wants to help me with CSS, please drop me a line.  I’ll pay you in beer and cookies!


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