Colouring In

I can’t believe he’s big enough, but here is David’s first attempt at colouring in.  He had a few goes at making marks on a piece of paper and colouring inside shapes first (for about five minutes!) but this is his first proper drawing.

I drew the house (duh!) but the colouring is all David’s: he had very little help.  I helped him to select the colours: “Is the tree this colour, this colour, or this colour?”, but anything that involved the crayon touching the paper is his work.

I watched him colour and couldn’t believe the concentration that he put into it, that he’d learn to do something as amazing as this as quickly as he did.  He selected all the “right” colours the first time, without any extra prompting: just me naming the colours.  It amazes me that he has this intrinsic ability to do this, that at ten months old he has an idea of shape and colour and how to transfer that to paper.

I have dated this, framed it, and it’s hanging in pride of place above my desk.  It’s also my desktop background.  Proud mama?  Me?  Always.

Also, Joe: HAHAHAHA, he’s a DESIGNER!


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