Ten Months

Dearest David,

Today you turn ten months old.  Already.  Where did that time go?  Every month we see more and more of your personality, and this month has been no exception.  Your physical skills are developing at a rate of knots, you are “talking” nineteen to the dozen (with some real words!) and you are starting to learn things like colours and numbers.

This month you started going to the childminder.  Her name is Claire, and she spoils you rotten.  You love her, and yesterday you spent all day asking to go and see her.  She has a cat called Fluffy, whom you adore, and a daughter called Chloe, who adores you.  This means that I can get more work done, and that we can spend more quality time together because I’m not stressed all the time.  It also means that you’ve become a little bit huggier, which is wonderful.

Now, I don’t know whether it’s because you’re spending more time with older kids, but in the last week you’ve demonstrated that you know your colours.  You can identify red, green, yellow, orange, blue and pink.  We can hold out four or five objects, identical apart from colour, and ask you to find the correct colour.  It takes you about a second to get it right, and you’re right nine times out of ten.  You are, my son, amazing.

This month, we’ve also had an explosion of language.  You can now say “Dad”, “Kat” (for some reason, I’m not Mum…), “duck”, “no”, “yeah”, “cat”, “milk”, “one”, “two”, and “green”.  We’ve also heard something I’m convinced was a rude word, so Daddy and I are watching our language a lot more now you can copy us!  You will also say “BOO!”, and would spend your entire day playing peek-a-boo if we’d let you.  You are actually remembering to cover your eyes now, too.

You have EIGHT teeth now, five on the top and three on the bottom.  There are also two more coming through.  Are you trying to get all your teeth by the time you’re one?  ’cause it would be nice to get the grumpiness over with, really.  Your favourite thing to chew is whatever half-empty Diet Coke bottle you can find, and you’d love it if we’d let you drink the stuff.  Not ’til you’re thirteen, at least.

Your fine motor skills have improved this month.  You’re now using just your index finger to push buttons (ooooooh, BUTTONS!) and you’re not bashing nearly so much.  Your relationship with the cats has also improved, probably because you’re not just grabbing them any more.  You are way more coordinated than you were this time last month, and you have taken a few little steps.  This time next month, you’ll be walking, and then Daddy and I are screwed.

You are turning into such and independent little boy, and I can’t believe that you were once that tiny little baby.  We are so, so proud of you.

Love from,

Mummy and Daddy (who will cry when he reads this.)


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