Gargh.  Have I really not written anything in ten days?  How time flies…

David turned nine months old today.  Already.  He’s way ahead of the developmental targets in most things, and continues to astound us with his new-found abilities.  Today, after FOUR MONTHS of trying, he cracked using a sippy cup.  He spent the rest of the day drinking juice and water, and barely let go of it.  He’s become a light sleeper, and Joe and I have taken to sleeping on the sofa-bed in the living room so that there’s no chance of disturbing him.  I can’t wait to be somewhere bigger so he can have his own room!  In the last few days he’s also stood up without holding on to anything, and I know it won’t be long until he’s walking and we’re completely screwed.  However, he’s also discovered the ability to sit still and chill out for five minutes at a time, and these moments are all the more wonderful because they’re so rare!

Sir and his sippy cup. I am one PROUD mama.

Sir and his sippy cup. I am one PROUD mama.

So, how’s work?  Work is hectic.  I haven’t stopped editing or taking photos in weeks, and I love this new photography thing.  The only disadvantage is that there’s no time to edit photos of our lot any more!  I’ve had a few big orders on the organic clothing side of things, and that’s pretty much running itself, so all is good there.

Did you REALLY have to take photos now?

"Did you REALLY have to take photos now?"

The cats.  Ah yes, the cats.  Things are going swimmingly between the three of them now.  Eric’s introduction into the house was always going to be a worry, but I think we’ve got there.  (Now I’ve written that, Snowball will pee on the entire flat overnight, just to prove me wrong.)  I’ve written a longer post about the dynamic between them, but it’s not finished, so will have to wait.  I’ve managed to take some beautiful photos of the black beasties this week, as they’ve finally decided to tolerate the camera: the other night I was taking photos until about 3am, when they decided they’d had enough!  The classic black and white shots really bring out their best features.

My beautiful girl

My beautiful girl

About a week ago, I decided I was going to restart the diet, pre-wedding.  I haven’t got much to lose (I am back to pre-pregnancy weight and have been for a while) but would like to tone up a bit.  In the last week I’ve missed the gym on one day, and made up for it by going for a long walk.  I’ve cut right down on crap (not that I was eating much, anyway.)  I’m drinking more water, and I’ve cut the caffeine right down.  In general, I’m feeling much better.  Aside from two small problems.  One: I can’t sleep.  I’m always like this in the first week of a diet, but this is ridiculous.  It’s nearly 3am and I haven’t been to bed yet, as you can probably tell!  Two: I’ve lost nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Zilch.  Nada.  So… time to step it up, in between everything else.

I had a massive cooking marathon today.  We get fruit and veg boxes from the wonderful people at Riverford, and in the last few weeks (I blame work) we’ve not been getting as much use out of them as we’d like.  So, today I decided to fix that, with leek and potato soup, roasted tomato and pepper sauce, vegetable stock (made with all the vegetable leftovers from the other two!) and stewed apple with cinnamon, vanilla, and mixed spice.  Tomorrow I make banana cake, and then I’ve somehow got to find a use for a mango.

I shall wrap up, here.  It’s 2.59 and I’m dying for a coffee: if that doesn’t say “go to bed!” I don’t know what does.

Coming this week, if I ever have time: a review of my current car insurance provider.  (Expect swearwords.)  It would be unprofessional of me to write about it until the argument is over and done with, but I’m not expecting the matter to be resolved.  Also, some more mad cat woman ramblings, and some more crazy mother rantings, too.


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