The Man I Love

This is the man I love.

He is quiet, kind, and gentle.

He held my hand as our son was born and cradled him when he was seconds old.

He is a father second to none.  He is devoted to his son, to his health and happiness and wellbeing.  When he enters the room, David will break out in a grin.

He has introduced me to two of the cats I love most, and together we have taken on a third.

He has given me the confidence to succeed, and supports me in my decisions.

He loves me.

And that’s why, this time next year (we think) we’re going to stand up and say it in front of everyone.  This isn’t a big announcement (Facebook has taken care of that!) and it means that I have one more thing to add to the already massive To Do list.  Thank you to everyone for their kind wishes: you are all invited to the party!

Secondly: for those who have wondered about the lack of posting: sorry, work is getting in the way.  When I clear the editing and ordering backlog normal service will resume.


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