The Reason We’re Sticking at One Child

“No, Eric, don’t eat the electrical cables. They’re not good for… DAVID! THAT’S DISGUSTING! Eric, get off the plastic bag, there’s a good boy. David, please don’t grab the spoon out of Mummy’s han… ERIC! STOP EATING THAT! And David, stop giving it to him. Look, your food’s over here. Claws out of my leg, pl… David! Don’t take your bib off!  Food will go everywhere, won’t it?  Yes, just like that.  Eric, come and eat the kitten food.  You really don’t like pomegranate.”

“Who smells THIS time?  OK then, Davey-boy.  Let’s get that nappy changed.”
One poonami later…
“Why does the living room still stink, you two?  Oh, Eric.”

Children and animals: who’d have ’em?

Probably coming in the next few days if time allows: a sling review, a nappy review, and an account of the trip to Bubble London.  Almost certainly coming in the next few days: more cute pictures and absolutely nothing accomplished.


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