Fiat Seicento Sporting

Oh dear.  I seem to have acquired a project.

That small, practical, sub-£2000 car that I promised myself as a replacement for the Sierra?  A Fiat Seicento Schumacher Sporting, in Broom Yellow.  It is a truly brilliant car, made in a way that only the Italians can make them: light and nippy and tremendous fun, with only a 1.1l engine, so cheap to insure and run.

It’s not that it desparately needs anything doing to it.  The brake pads and the cam belt could do with changing, and the handbrake needs to be adjusted so it stays on when I’m parked on a hill.  The trouble is, I’ve fallen in love with it, and I want it to look like new.  Coupled with an obsession with small, Italian cars, it’s about to get very expensive.  See the boot lid?  It’s missing a decal.  That needs replacing, but not until I’ve had the whole thing resprayed so it’s nice and shiny again.

I’m not about putting bodykits on or changing things in a big way.  All I’ve done so far is had the rear windows tinted, and that was more out of a hatred of those child sun-blinds than a desire to change the car.  (It does, however, look AWESOME.)  I want to replace the scratched handbrake and the torn leather around the gearstick.  I want to get rid of the scratches from the dashboard and the stains from the seats.  I want to do a full respray to tone in that patch of slightly darker paint on the door.  I’m going to get some Abarth badges onto the wheels and replace all the original badges with new, unscratched versions.

I spent the week after I bought the Seicento driving it and telling everyone I knew that it was amazing.  I just need to make it look and feel and drive as amazingly as it deserves to, and as its heritage suggests.

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